AVAIL Features



Checks customer account for credit limitations, outstanding invoice aging, and discount on rental

Checks for special renters and displays required action

Checks equipment availability as order is written

Equipment can be grouped into standard packages

On-line rental category retrieval by item, group or description

Rental rates and billing days adjustable by item

Designates backup equipment for separate discount rate

Designates cross-rental equipment for discount exemption

Imports equipment lines from other orders

Schedules technicians on order with hours, rate, and location

Allows internal notes for each order

Override capability on default customer terms, tax rate, and discount per order

Generates and allows editing of custom quotation and confirmation letters

Displays items that are short with suggested cross-rent vendors and phone numbers

Orders are easily modified and all related factors are recalculated




Generates list of orders waiting to be shipped

Prints pick lists by order number, customer name, or range of dates

Entry of equipment on order via keyboard, barcode scanner or laser barcode scanner

Performs over-ship and under-ship comparisons and flagging

Prints detailed packing slip with all equipment

Generates both shipping and return equipment labels, if required

Trial ship of large orders determines equipment still needed

Equipment substitutions allowed on orders

Allows for quick shipment of an order

Prints list of returning and overdue orders

Allows for partial return of orders

Returning items are verified by barcode entry

Flags damaged items and removed them from available reservations

Automatically tracks missing equipment and puts reminder flag on invoice




Order equipment and labor charges are adjustable prior to invoice generation

Single or batch invoice printing

Updates customer accounts with invoice information

Generates summary cover sheet for multi-invoicing of same customer

Reviews outstanding invoices

Enters receipts or credit memos against outstanding invoices

Prints complete audit trail of invoicing activity

Prints overdue invoice letters

Ages all accounts

Optionally interfaces with accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and general ledger programs




Generates purchase orders for cross-rentals or new equipment purchases

Maintains list of vendor names, addresses, and discount structures

Tracks current status of purchase orders

Allows check-in of ordered equipment upon receipt

Tracks cross-rented equipment for return scheduling

Shortages from an order automatically transfer to purchase order

Generates report of all cross-rented items

Updates short report after writing purchase order



Allows 3 tiered price structure for each category of rental equipment

Tracks serial and model numbers, vendor, purchase price and date, and depreciation codes per item

Tracks usage and income generated for each item by month and year and does comparison trending

Review of reservations for equipment

Review last order that items were shipped on

Custom searches and reports

Generates a rental book showing all pertinent information about a rental category

Displays a chart of category reservations for a range of dates

Prints a calendar of category reservations




Full read, write mail capabilities for any AVAIL user

Phone messages can be sent to any AVAIL user

Checks meeting room availability and reserves it for future use

Checks availability of personnel to attend a meeting and updates personnel's schedule

Produces cash flow reports

Produces pop up business reports

Produces new vs. repeat business reports

Produces an overview of invoice amounts

Custom review of customers, orders, invoices or inventory Context sensitive help

Reports can be sent to a disk file instead of printing if no hard copy is required

Reports can be directed to different printers just before printing



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Updated 08/01/2008