AVAIL Latest Features


A new report of Most Used Equipment.

A new report of Least Used Equipment.

Update inventory income will now put the review into each month, based on the return date of the order, not the date you posted it.

Now packages that have a price on the line with the word PACKAGE and no prices on the equipment line will distribute the income to the equipment for revenue tracking.

If you have the optional FAX software for AVAIL now when you send a FAX and it asks if you want to print a copy you can enter S to save a copy on the hard disk. In the FAX memo program on the line by the FAX number, who to or who from, you can press shift F2 to display a list of all the Fax's you saved, you can select one and press enter to call it back up to review, resend or make changes to and then resend.

When printing the calendar of order, who took the order has been added to the printout.

The real time daily sets & clears now allows you to select that you only want to display the S sets or C clears or both.

A new report of net revenue by who took order.

Commission report now shows the totals for each person at the bottom of the report, NET revenue, commission and NET–commission.

On display daily sets & clears you can now use the up & down arrow at the date question to change dates.

The take inventory option has added fields on the printout of inventory that was not found. You may select to include date purchased and cost of lost or missing items.

Reviewing equipment reservations has an option of reviewing availability in other offices if they are on the same computer.

If a salesman name is on an account, it will be displayed when a new order is entered for this customer.

An option can be added to the order print option from order entry, to print an invoice, now the invoice date will display if this option has been taken already.

A new option of a daily worksheet has been added to ship/return activity menu. It will display all orders for one day in time order, with all the equipment listed. You can even add notes to this display and print out the set or strike notes and orders for a day.

The print daily sets & clears has added a question, "Do you want to include equipment on the printout?". If "Y" then you may select how many lines to print. Each line will print 3 lines of equipment for the order, if you select 3 lines, the first 9 lines of equipment from the order will print. If this is not all the equipment on the order, a message will notify you of that.

When undeleting inventory, it will now undelete the last one deleted with the 7 digit # instead of the first.

If you are using default notes for special instructions (004 for pick list, 005 for packing list, 006 for work order or 007 for invoice), they will only be brought in when you write the order, not when you update it.

New defaults have been added:

Allow checking AVAIL in other offices for multi-offices on one computer.

Update inventory income by package, Forwards or Backwards.

You can set up a % for overhead that is used in job cost.

You can set an option that only allow valid bar codes to be entered and one for only equipment in the warehouse can be shipped.

A multi key timeout to allow you to type more than one letter to find rental categories.

An option to print on the packing list the description of the item from the order or from the individual inventory.

An option to secure revision tracking and revision tracking on Purchase orders.

You can select to save all letters that are sent out for a quote.

You can choose to change the location code when transferring equipment between locations.

The options on AVAIL menus can be edited. You can change the wording of any option but that will not change the function.

You can edit any of the help screens that are accessed with shift F1 and change their position on the screen.

The personal or company calendar can be displayed in list format now and you can search for events and edit days in list format.

You can update PO’s from the short report at the end of an order.

You now have notes that are for individual inventory items.

The mail name that comes up on the main menu of AVAIL can now be tied to an IP address if you come over the network.

On terminals and workstations that support color, you now can set the foreground & background colors for AVAIL.

When you press F4 from the main menu, if you have a personal folder that matches the first 3 letters of your mail name, your personal folder will be accessed, otherwise it will be the common folder.

When you press F3 from the main menu and it asks for the calendar code, you can press F3 to find all the calendars and the date each one was last updated.

From mail & misc. Menu, the schedule option 5, when it asks for the name of the schedule, you can press F3 to show all the schedules and the last date updated.

A new option on system operator to create and delete folders, calendars, and schedules.

Overview of orders now can be done by who took order.

You can now set up a calendar for any order. This will insert the dates from the AVAIL order and allow you to add dates other things have to happen. Then if the dates f the order changes, these dates can be moved automatically or manually.

All of the shortcut keys that were used in writing an order on the equipment page (^ @ ^^ ^*) now can be selected from a window by pressing shift F2.

A new option on customer menu to change an area code. Enter the old area code then the new area code then the office code. When you take the update option it will search all phone numbers in AVAIL and change them.

In the folders program from the main menu and from the phone and mail program your cursor will stay on the one selected when you enter into the notes so when you exit you will not be at the top of the list.

In the calendar you can now copy and paste between days. Enter the text in one day,  press F10 to copy it, go to the next day and press F10 to paste it. If it’s needed on more days press F10 again to copy then F10 to paste on the next date.

In folders you can copy and paste between folders.

After updating inventory you can now still review the shipped equipment list.

When using the calendars, when at the date prompt you can use the up and down arrows to select other months and when at the day prompt the up and down arrows to select next or previous days.

When using the calendar at the day question you can press F6-NEXT to go to the next event on the calendar that is not shown on this screen.

We now have revision tracking on Purchase orders. And it can be made secure.

We now have Purchase order authorization. On the terms page of a P.O. a field called "authorized by" will require a code to be entered. If the code is entered correctly a name will be filled in, otherwise the field will remain blank. You can’t type in the name so if there is a name here this P.O. has been authorized.

When adding categories to a super category you can press shift F2 and select the categories from a list instead of typing them in.

When adding categories to a standard package shift F2 will allow you to select the categories from a list instead of typing them in.

When displaying rental categories using rental book or reservation review or reservation calendar the up and down arrows will display the next or previous rental categories.

When a password is requested it will now allow you to use the backspace if an error was made.

In the schedules, the up and down arrow will move forward and back a month at the date prompt or a day at the day prompt.

On your schedule you can press F10 and move to the next event on your schedule.

A new option on return menu to move equipment from a returning order. It shows all the equipment out on the returning order, you can highlight some or all then press a key to move it to the shipping order.

You can move events on a schedule to another time, another date, or another schedule.

When using the new option quote call back list you can specify the status of orders to include (only EST, only HOLD, or all).

When updating an order you can move notes from the note pad to someone’s schedule.

When extending an order you will be informed of any PO’s that need to be extended.

When displaying shortages you can exclude any that have PO’s written for the short equipment already.

From the calendar of orders you can review and update the orders.

Search for item by serial # now searches for the number entered any place in the serial #.




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Updated 08/01/2008