AVAIL is software designed to automate an Audio Visual, Sound or Lighting Rental Company. In order to efficiently automate a Rental Company, the software has to provide help in many areas. AVAIL assists you in every aspect of the order handling process, from writing the order to entering the receipt, and all the steps in between. AVAIL gives you the information you need to run your business!

AVAIL 4 is a complete rewrite of AVAIL, already the industry standard for Audio Visual Rental Management Software for the past 28 years. AVAIL is designed to facilitate an efficient, cost effective rental and/or sales operation.

AVAIL quickly and easily provides access to information including but not limited to:


Orders & Quotations

Equipment Shortage Reports

Equipment Availability

Shipping & Receiving Reports

Technician Schedules

Inventory Reports

Equipment Repair Reports

Customer Accounts

Purchase Order Tracking

Invoice Reports

Equipment Utilization

Cash Flow Reports


AVAIL is easy to use and completely menu driven. Menu options are numbered and may be selected by entering an option's particular number or by using the arrow keys to highlight the option and pressing enter.




AVAIL provides the user access to many different selection lists throughout the order writing process to allow fast and easy order entry.

While writing an order, you can either enter a customer account number to bring in that customer's information to the order, or simply type the customer information into the order manually. Following customer information, you enter where the event is to take place. The ship date and time, and the return date and time are used to reserve the equipment. AVAIL reserves equipment by the half day, AM or PM.


Order Status

The final step of the order entry page is entering the status of the order you are writing. Orders can have one of the following statuses:

EST - estimates orders for customers, checks equipment availability, prices the order.

HOLD- orders that are close to confirming but are not quite ready, checks availability and reserves equipment, but cannot be shipped.

CONF- orders that are confirmed and can be shipped.

CXL - cancelled orders, will to be kept in the system for future reference.


AVAIL checks the availability on all orders, but only reserves the equipment for HOLD and CONF orders.


Equipment Entry

To place equipment on an order, you enter the category code (a 4 character code representing groups of like equipment) which will display the description of the item and the rental price. Many ways are available to quickly access an item. AVAIL can also open a selection list for you to highlight the category you want, and select it by pressing enter. This will place that category on your order. You can also move into the description column and type part of the description to bring that item into the order. AVAIL also offers super categories (groups of categories) to make finding equipment even easier.

Standard packages of equipment can be used to move groups of equipment that often rent together onto an order, with the convenience of only entering one code. The availability and price are calculated automatically when you press the F3 function key. Orders may be 18 pages long, have 360 lines of equipment and have 3000 individual items per order.


Technician & Miscellaneous Entries

If you need any operators or set up technicians, they will be entered next. There can be up to 20 pages of technicians with up to 5 lines of dates, times, locations and billable hours per page. If this is a confirmed order, AVAIL will place it on the tech's personal schedule along with the time, date and location.

Miscellaneous expenses are next. Expenses can be entered and will be listed on the quote and invoice along with being tallied in the total.


Special Instructions and Terms Entries

Notes can be entered that will print on the pick list for the person getting the equipment together, on the packing list for the person delivering or setting the equipment up, on the work order or quote for the customer, or on the invoice. There is a separate note area available for each document.

The terms page is next. Information is pulled from the customer's account for terms, tax code and discount. Information from the order is also displayed for shipping cost based on the zip code of the ship to address. Any credit card information can also be entered on this page. Next, you may choose to print a quote, a letter, a pick list or a work order.


Short Report

If any categories came up short when the equipment availability was checked, a short report will then be displayed. Your first choice for cross renting these categories will be displayed along with the phone number. If the first vendor does not have the item available, a function key will go through a list of up to 20 other vendors for each category of short equipment.


Update Entry

An order in the system can easily be updated to make any necessary changes by entering the order number at the update order option. If the order number is not known, enter part of the customer's name and a selection list of orders for this customer will be displayed. Simply select from this list with the arrow keys and press enter.



When it is time to ship the order, from the shipping menu, select the option to print a picklist of equipment ordered. Enter the items that are going to ship with the bar code reader, and then take the option to ship the order. The computer will compare what was ordered with what was entered from the bar code reader, show any discrepancies and allow you to correct them. A packing list is printed to accompany the equipment to the event. When an order returns, you return the equipment to inventory by entering the items using the bar code reader. The computer will compare what was shipped with what was returned and display a list of missing items, if any.

By using the bar code number, AVAIL can tell you at any time where any of your inventory is located; if it is in your warehouse or out on an order, and if out, when it was shipped and to what customer.



A confirmed order can be invoiced at any time after it has been entered into the computer. Entering an order number and pressing a function key is all it takes to produce an invoice.



Inventory Groupings

AVAIL maintains your inventory in categories and individual bar codes. A category is defined as like items that rent for the same price and can be substituted for each other. Categories do not have to be from the same manufacturer. A category is defined by 4 alphanumeric characters of your choosing.

Super categories are groups of categories that you want to see together when looking up a particular category. MONITORS, for example, would be a good super category for keeping track of all of your monitor category codes.

Standard packages are groups of categories that are often rented together. One example, a 9 projector show. All the equipment that you rent with a 9 projector show would be in this package and come into the order with one code.

Inventory Tracking

 Individual items are tracked by bar codes. The bar code is made up of two parts: the category code and 3 digits that denote which serial number this item is within the category. KAF1023 might be a Kodak AF-1 projector. KAF1 is the category code and 023 is the number to track location and income in that category and relates to a specific serial number.

 AVAIL tracks the number of times each item has been rented, the income from those rentals and the repair cost on every item in inventory.



 AVAIL can be a one user system, but it was designed with multiple users in mind. It can go from a 1 user system to a 240 user system, all on one computer. Any place you need to access the AVAIL computer will only require a terminal or a PC running terminal emulation software.

 Remote users on modems can do everything that the users in the main office can do. The system also allows you to limit the options that appear on the main menu, on a terminal or per user bases.

 AVAIL makes full usage of multiple sessions. For example, you can be in the middle of one order, switch to another session and check the status of another order for someone, and then switch back to continue the update of the first order.

 AVAIL can be configured for your business! This package is modified for each of our customers for their different forms for printing quotes, invoices, purchase orders and packing lists. We can modify AVAIL to meet your business's specific needs.



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