AVAIL Version 4


YEAR 2000 Compliant:

AVAIL4 has been rewritten for the problem created when the date changes to 2000. You can write orders for 2000 and beyond and not have to enter 4 digits for the year.

Short Cut Keys:

From the main menu shift F4 will open a selection list of short cuts to options on other menus in AVAIL. You can define these short cuts per user.

Network Support:

THEOS 4.0 supports the installation of an Ethernet card in the AVAIL computer. You can access AVAIL from any of the PC's on your network if TCP/IP is one of your protocols. Requires THEOS THEO+Net software.

User Defined Reports Menu: 

You can place reports that you use often on a report on the record keeping menu.

Fax from AVAIL:

When writing an order in AVAIL you can FAX it out by pressing one key. Quotes, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Packing List, Short Reports and Memos can be sent from AVAIL. Requires THEO+Fax Software

Equipment Utilization Graphs:

The utilization of your equipment can be printed as a report of the percent utilized or as a graph of utilization.

More Printer Spoolers:

You can now have up to 9 print spoolers on AVAIL. This allows a print master on each spooler for a total of up to 36 printers.

Sales Tax Report:

AVAIL will print out a report of the sales tax collected, to be used to fill out the 1099 reports.

Print Invoice from Order Entry:

An option can be turned on that will allow printing an invoice from the screen that you select what to print on order entry.

Notes on Individual Inventory:

Notes can be stored on each item in your inventory. There are 6 lines of 60 characters. This can also be used to prompt when an item should be sold or serviced by entering the date and keyword "SELL" or "SCHEDULED

Additional Order Entry Screen:

An additional order entry screen of up to 15 questions can be turned on. You can define the questions and the length of the answer, and which screen they follow in the order entry process.

Invoice Without Equipment Detail:

You can turn on a default that will allow printing the invoice without any equipment listed, just the totals.

Quick Check for Today:

Quick Check now allows pressing F3 when the dates are requested if you wish today is to be used for the ship and return date. Most useful when you want to check on the price of a category.

Days from Invoiced to Paid Report:

A new report of the number of days from the time an invoice was printed until it was paid per customer and the average per customer.

Orders Affected by Overdue Orders:

A new report of all orders that are going to be affected because some order did not return on time.

Purchase Order Screen Prompts:

Now you can change the prompts that are displayed on the first page of purchase order entry.

Rental Book Update:

You can now turn on a default that will allow updating rental category information from the rental book screen. This can be password protected.

Labor Required Per Day:

A new report of all labor required per day with review and update. This report will pull labor from the tech page and from the equipment page if the class is L.

Overhead Added to Job Cost:

The percent of overhead to be added to a job before the profit is figured can be put in the defaults.

Ship Instock Inventory:

A new default to allow only shipping items that are in the warehouse. If an item is marked as out on an order, it can't be shipped again until it has been returned.

Technician Summary on Invoice:

You can select to print the technician details or a summary on the invoice and quote.

Selection List of Terms:

The terms list can open a selections list of terms with shift F2.

Order Name Selection List:

The order name field on the first page of an order can open a selection list with shift F2, and then you can select a name that will be brought into the order. This name can also bring in the start date of the event, ship date, time & via, the return date, time and via as well as the location of the event.

Repair Items Out of Service:

When entering items into repair, you now can choose to not remove them from service. They will go into repair but not made unavailable to rent.

More Repair Notes:

The notes field for what is wrong with an item has been expanded from line 1 of 50 characters to 7 lines of 50 characters.

Sales Category Report:

The sales category report can now be printed in alphabetic order on the category description.

Dup. Technician:

Now when you need to dup. a tech, you will be asked which tech page to dup. You could enter 3 techs and then need the information from the first one for the 4Th. one.

Comments on Equipment Page:

Comments can be entered faster on the equipment page of an order now.

Move Returning Equipment to Shipping Order:

This option will return equipment on one order and ship it on another.

Calendar of Shortages:

A new option that will display just the shortages each day for any category.

Change Reports to Other Printer:

A report can be sent to any printer for all users. If you added a new printer for the PO’s, then you could cause all users to print on that printer without going to each users printer setup.

Change All Reports from One Printer to Another:

If a printer is sent in for repair you can change all reports that were sent to that printer to another printer, without going to each users printer setup.

Combine Schedules into One Calendar:

Several schedules can be combined into one calendar. This will allow you to look at all the technicians schedules on one calendar

Time, Date and Who Has Order Locked:

When a user gets a message that an order is being updated by someone else, it now gives the name of the person updating that order. If you go to remove the entry, it will show the time and date the order was locked and by whom.

Multi Key Timer:

When using a selection list if you type more than one letter the highlighter bar will be moved to that selection.

Category Needed Report:

A new report of all the items needed in a range of dates can be displayed or printed.

Return on Investment:

New report of return on investment on one item or all.

Custom Reports on Menu:

Now you can place custom reports on a menu.

Miscellaneous Expenses Add Up:

On the misc. expense page, it will now add up the figures you enter in the description field and place that figure in the total field.

Purchase Orders on Daily Sets & Clears:

Purchase orders will appear on the sets and clears display on the day they are to be picked up and the day they are to be returned.

Using Windows Word Processor & Spreadsheet:

When updating an order in AVAIL you may now use a graphical word processor instead of the AVAIL editor.

Area Code Change:

AVAIL can now change all phone numbers when a new area code is added.




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Updated 08/01/2008