AVAIL free for a month

AVAIL free for a month can be used by anyone that is using a date format of MM/DD/YY.
All you need is a PC and an internet connection. You will run a client on your PC and
connect to our server to run the AVAIL software. Any information you enter, customers,
inventory, orders, vendors and purchase orders can be moved to your AVAIL system at
end of the free trial. We can even import your inventory and customers from an Excel file.
We will set up an account for your company and give you a user name and password.
You can enter inventory, customers, write orders, ship orders, return orders, invoice orders,
email quotes and use AVAIL to make sure it is the right software for your business.
At the end of the month you can buy AVAIL and we will move all your data to your system,
or you can decide AVAIL is not for you and we can send you an Excel file of your customers
and inventory. We will then erase all your data from our server.

For more information call (407) 696-9800 or email wayne@avail-software.com




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Updated 07/16/2012