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11/21/11 AVAIL Software now features Apple iPad apps. These apps interface with your AVAIL data to allow you to work outside the office. The apps that are currently available are Reservation Review, Sets & Clears and the AVAIL To Do list.
You can download and try these apps from the Apple app store. If you want to add these to your AVAIL system give us a call for pricing.
We are also working on an app to allow you to write and update orders on the iPad.
To find these apps on the iTunes store search for AVAIL reservations, AVAIL sets & clears or AVAIL to do or click on the links below.
Reservation Review
Sets & Clears
To Do List
10/14/02 AVAIL Software now features the AVAIL-Interactive-Quote or simply, AIQ. AIQ allows you to email a link and password to your clients to allow them to review an AVAIL order online.   As you make changes to the order the client simply hits refresh, and sees the same changes. Your clients can leave you notes concerning the order and can come back to review it again at their leisure. If you would like more information concerning the AVAIL-Interactive-Quote, please contact us.
05/06/02 Micro Innovations, Inc. Will be exhibiting for the 18th year at the InfoComm 2002 tradeshow, located this year in Las Vegas.   Come by and see all the exciting new features in AVAIL.  Our booth number is 24011 and it's located just inside the front doors on the right. For more information, please feel free to contact us.
05/06/02 Added AVAIL Downloads link.  Software for use with AVAIL and the THEOS operating system can now be easily accessed in one convenient location. Look here for any support programs for AVAIL and or THEOS.
03/10/02 Added HOW-DO-I Online help page for AVAIL.  This page is meant to be a repository of helpful information on various topics concerning the use and or maintainance of AVAIL.   Users can also request information for the page by filling out a form.
12/20/01 Added AVAIL Updates link.  Avail clients can now have easy access to program updates by entering a personal username.  Clients are notified by email when they have new updates waiting for them.
12/20/01 Added Documentation Link to AVAIL web site.  Look here for documentation on using AVAIL, system administration of AVAIL, as well as feature lists and any other pertinant information.
06/14/00 Palm hand helds can now display daily sets and clears from AVAIL.  They are ideally suited for hotel properties,  users can set and strike all rooms,  using the palm computer.
06/14/00 Palm computers with built in bar code readers can be used to take inventory.  The inventory is uploaded from AVAIL into reader.   As you scan inventory it will show what has been found and what as not been found. When finished you can download results to AVAIL.
06/14/00 E-mail as been intergrated into AVAIL to allow everyone including users on terminals to send and receive E-mail.  AVAIL checks for everyones mail and puts a flag on your menu if you have mail.
06/14/00 AVAIL can now send an E-mail or fax to up to twenty vendors asking them to supply the equipment you are short,  by pressing one key on the shortage menu.



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